The goals of this course on recruitment interviews (Geneva) are:

To master the various aspects (expertise and interpersonal skills) of conducting job interviews.


Anyone who has to conduct job interviews.

Course requirements

No special knowledge required.

Practical exercises

This course, which is based on realistic simulation exercises and a comparison of different practices, will equip participants with techniques that can be employed directly in the field.


Training programme for recruitment interviews course (Geneva)

The recruitment process

Reminder about the different stages and significance of the interview.
Consequences for the company and candidates.

Preparing for the interview

What is being looked for.
Setting objectives and selection criteria.
Links between skills, pre-requisites and criteria.
Applicant files.
Pre-selecting “valuable” interviews.
Preliminary telephone interviews.

Interview content

Topics covered and timing.
Areas to explore.
Suggested interview guide matrix.

Interview techniques

The assessment center mind-set.
Main interview risks: inducing answers, projecting yourself onto the candidate.
Indirect techniques and decoding answers.
Observing verbal and non-verbal behaviour.
Identifying attitudes and defences.
Techniques for formulating questions.
Spiral technique.

Analysing the interview and the candidate

Analysing a professional background: identifying skills.
Analysing communication: defences, balance of power, status and role play.

Deciding on a candidate

Objectifying the decision criteria.
Prioritising the above criteria.


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