The goals of this course on LinkedIn and recruitment (Geneva) are:

  • To master the essential elements for introducing recruitment 2.0
  • To optimise recruitment process
  • To develop recruitment offers on the internet


HR staff.

Course requirements

No special knowledge required.

Practical exercises

This course, which is based on realistic simulation exercises and a comparison of different practices, will equip participants with techniques that can be employed directly in the field.


Training programme for LinkedIn and recruitment (Geneva)

What is web 2.0 exactly?

The evolution of the web.
User-generated content.
Sharing, giving and receiving.
Overview of social media.
Managing the marketing of conversation.


Key examples.

Digital identity and recruitment

Generation Y, but not only Generation Y
The concept of personal branding.
New CVs.
The interaction between the recruiter and candidates.

Recruiting using professional social networks

The tools of the recruiter 2.0.
The power of social networks.
Xing, LinkedIn and Viadeo: how can you be effective?
Facebook: should you use it?
Search engines for job offers: the death of Monster, Cadremploi and other conventional general engines?
Twitter: passing fad or actually useful?
Flops: Second Life, video CVs, etc.

Becoming a community manager recruiter

Employer branding.
Hunter or angler?
How can you build a community of professionals to facilitate your search?
How to react to negative buzz?

Recruitment 2.0 and the law: a real cocktail to drive any recruiter crazy

The risks: employees who spill the beans, confidentiality of internal company data, etc.
The Recruitment Discrimination Act.
How can you use social networks without discriminating?

Recruitee 2.0… and employee 2.0?

The expectations of an employee 2.0.
Towards the company 2.0.


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