Our course on pivot tables in Microsoft Excel

Open to everyone.

The role and advantages of pivot tables.
Data sources.


  • Analysis of data to be used:
  • Defining the objectives of a statistical analysis:

Choosing the data source and fields.

Formulas for improving the quality of source data.

Combining data from several sources:

  • Using formula.
  • By installing the wizard to use tracks with labels.
  • By using MSQuery queries.

Using other sources:

  • Importing text files.
  • Data from a database.

Choosing the calculation type and logic:

  • Sum, count, average, maximum, minimum.
  • Ratio.
  • Variance.
  • Product.
  • Rank.

Aggregate function: semi-automatic, manual, simple and elaborate.

Adding calculated fields and calculated items.


  • Layout and format of crosstabs; managing levels.
  • Formatting numbers: customised formats.
  • Table styles: creating your own style.
  • Specific sorting.
  • Conditional formatting.

Exploitation :

  • Attaching segments to multiple pivot tables.
  • Creating and formatting pivot charts.
  • Creating tables from crosstabs.
  • Creating conventional charts using a crosstab.
  • Filling the crosstab with juxtaposed formulae.

Course requirements

Routine use of basic Excel.

Practical exercises

This training course on Excel pivot tables, which is based on realistic simulation exercises and a comparison of different practices, will equip participants with techniques that can be used directly.

Course diploma / certificate

A certificate is obtained at the conclusion of the course on Excel pivot tables.

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