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Personal and interpersonal effectiveness

The goal

To enhance personal and collective performance through a better understanding of the potential of each individual.

The means

The Nova Profile tool is a precise way of managing key information about an individual’s social skills and motivation to enable him to increase his personal and interpersonal effectiveness and to support him through change.

The outcome

At the individual level:

  • Greater understanding about oneself, behaviour lines, potential for growth based on job requirements and / or motivation, and the implementation of an action plan.

For the team:

  • Increased flexibility in order to optimise interactions with others and improve communication within the team
  • Highlights the contribution of each individual in completing a project
  • Distribution of roles depending on the strengths of each individual in order to maximise synergies
  • Overcomes confrontation and uses complementary skills
  • Implements an individual and collective plan of action

For the company:

  • Skills development based on changes in the company
  • Setting up effective teams focused on company strategy


The Nova Profile is based on the combination of the work of Carl Jung on psychological types and William Marston’s DISC theory; it also incorporates Eduard Spranger’s work on motivation.



Areas of application

  • Encouraging motivation via a better understanding of oneself and others
  • Improving interpersonal communication
  • Supporting professional and personal development
  • Facilitating the recruitment process and internal mobility
  • Developing management and business skills
  • Supporting a coaching process
  • Managing human resources on a daily basis
  • Supporting change
  • Performing a skills assessment
  • Negotiating according to the other party
  • Developing the style of interactive management
  • Implementing training programmes
  • Managing skills and potential
  • Assembling project teams in full complementarity

In summary

The Nova Profile performance system offers managers, corporate HR professionals, coaches, instructors, and individuals at a crossroads in their careers a unique model for developing maximum efficiency by integrating a four-step process:

  • Improving an individual’s understanding of his strengths and weaknesses
  • Flexibility and growth whilst respecting limits
  • Better recognition of others
  • Taking relevant circumstances into account
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