The goals of this course on training the trainer (Geneva) are:

To master the basic skills of communication and teaching adults in order to lead training sessions that transfer skills as an instructor.


Anyone called on to lead training sessions.

Course requirements

Beginner’s experience.

Practical exercises

This course, which is based on realistic simulation exercises and a comparison of different practices, will equip participants with techniques that can be employed directly in the field.


Training programme for training the trainer (Geneva)

The rules of communication applied to training

Making yourself understood so that you can train others
Understanding communication mechanisms and obstacles for optimising the teaching relationship

The role of the group in successful training

Group personalities and characteristics
Group interactions
The role of the group in training each member
Creating group dynamics (FACILITATING)
Regulating dysfunctions

Teaching adults: basic notions

The psychology of the adult learner
Resistance to change
The learning stages
Motivation for training
The importance of the socio-emotional context in acquiring knowledge
Promoting ownership by taking into account the pace of learning and attention curves

Facilitating: a user guide

Teaching methods: presentations, lectures, affirmative and interrogative methods
Active methods: case and audio-visual methods
Non-directive methods
Teaching by objective
Individualized teaching
Matching teaching methods with materials
Optimal use of the projector

Assessment methods

Assessing and promoting transfer
Assessing acquisition
Assessing how the group operates
Assessing the work of a training group


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