Our office automation courses

Office automation denotes the range of techniques and resources used for automatically managing office activities, primarily information processing.

Swissnova provides technical expertise in office automation with modules that include:


is used for designing tables and automating calculations. The calculation software – or spreadsheet – is very powerful and has two types of use:

Simple: Excel can be used to create a small work schedule (for example), for easy calculations or for storing various types of information (such as drawing up a list of people registered in a club or association). You can also sort and filter the tables to make it easy to find and compare information.

Mathematical: companies use Excel for large-scale calculations for inventories, costs, taxes, etc. An accounting department, for instance, might employ the software for large, automated calculations and for generating detailed charts.


is used for writing documents: letters, CVs, reports, memoranda, books, etc. The workspace is a sheet on which you edit your text, insert images, apply headings and design layout (text colour, type of font).


is a type of presentation software that is generally used to support for oral presentations. The principle is the same as for an overhead projector: you go through slides that contain information (images, graphics, figures, ideas, diagrams, texts, etc.).

The presentations are usually displayed on a video projector.


is used for receiving, sorting and managing email, contacts, calendars and tasks. It is a real productivity tool and a very comprehensive software package for managing your time and emails effectively.

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