The goals of this course on finance for the layperson (Geneva) are:

  • To acquire the appropriate vocabulary
  • To learn how to read and use financial and accounting information
  • To understand the impact of your decisions in terms of accounting and finance
  • To promote dialogue with your company’s accounting and financial specialists and to understand their perspective


Anyone wishing to improve their understanding of their company’s financial approach.

Course requirements

No special knowledge required.

Practical exercises

This course, which is based on realistic simulation exercises and a comparison of different practices, will equip participants with techniques that can be employed directly in the field.

Training programme for finance for non financials (Geneva, Zürich and Vaud)

Financial and accounting documents

The role of accounting as a reflection of a company’s business.
Basic accounting principles:

  • The balance sheet: an overview of a company’s assets
  • Determining results

The different parts of a company tax return (balance sheet, income statement, appendices).

Assessing structural balances

Decrypting the broad mass of the balance sheet and understanding its connection with the income statement.
Assessing a company’s financial structure:

  • Balancing long-term assets and the concepts of funding and investment cycles
  • The key concept of WC and financing the operating cycle
  • Circulating assets and the concept of the cash-flow cycle

Analysing profitability

  • Profit or loss via interim trading balances
  • The essential concepts of added value and gross operating surplus (GOS)
  • The different concepts of margins
  • The idea of self-financing
  • Measuring the amount of liquidity and cash

Key ratios for financial reporting

  • The main structure, liquidity and profitability ratios
  • Interpreting the 10 key ratios


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