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Undertaking a personal and professional review:

Review phase
To identify the skills and strengths that can be harnessed for job hunting

Project phase
To develop a realistic plan of action for job hunting (projects, possible avenues, methods)

Documentation phase
Compiling a relevant application file tailored to the expectations of companies

Moral support phase
Regaining self-confidence for future job hunting

Implementing Job Hunting Methods phase
Successful job interviews and negotiating a new contract




At the conclusion of the review, participants will be in possession of:

  • A personal and professional assessment
  • A validated and realistic career plan
  • Job hunting targets
  • A personalised job-hunting strategy
  • A comprehensive application file



A preliminary “validation” interview between the Swissnova consultant and the participant



Hourly follow up

Nova Profile debriefing

Compiling a comprehensive file

Use of our targeted HR contacts data-base (1,500 contacts to date)




Personal review

Social skills, personality profile, personal qualities, identifying obstacles to professional integration; using the Nova Profile (presented below).


Professional review

Skills identification, validation of professional experience, feedback from colleagues and superiors; training requirements (as appropriate).


Career plan

Identifying the prospecting scope (companies, positions and roles), matching social and professional skills with the job market, possible transfer of skills, drawing up an individualised strategy, surveys.


Job hunting

Developing the CV, designing targeted letters (replies to advertisements, unsolicited applications), decoding advertisements and job offers, preparation for making phone calls, mock interview and assessment, building a personalised network, prospecting the job market, internet searching, follow-up, communication and re-energising.

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