A message from our director

Swissnova has been supporting company strategy for many years focusing on individuals. Our areas of activity and research centre on identifying, developing and enhancing skills via HR assessments. Management Leadership Training, team building, coaching and outplacement are also solutions that put people at the heart of everything we do. Our approach to computer training and web marketing ensures that operational skills are kept up-to-date in a technology cycle that is becoming shorter and shorter and increasingly strained.


Personalised course content

There is almost nothing new when it comes to the content of training courses. As experts in training engineering, our main challenge is not delivering content but ensuring that our programmes motivate participants, are tailored to individual needs, are accessible, and are geared towards the transfer of skills. We prefer pragmatism and supplying “tips and tricks” over a more academic approach. We firmly believe that individuals assimilate the process of development and change if it makes sense, and if they can reap the benefits on a day-to-day basis. This search for meaning is the hallmark of everything we do.


Targeted programmes

Thousands of company employees and job-seekers have taken part in our coaching and training programmes; hundreds of people have benefited from our expertise in the field of recruitment; several dozen businesses have called on our know-how in the process of human and organisational change. All these clients have appreciated our professionalism, creativity and user-friendly approach, as well as the way we keep our commitments and respect our participants, customers and partners… all proof that respect really does mean something at Swissnova!

Major corporations and organisations, together with industrial and tertiary companies, as well as public and private bodies, have been loyal to us over the years, calling on our ingenuity to overcome the wide range of human challenges that we face today and will face in the future.


Our goal

It goes without saying that we focus on identifying potential alongside the acquisition and consolidation of skills. Even more important, however, is working to raise skills awareness: because individuals who recognise their own ability will be more motivated and will make the most of their talent. Our goal is to ensure that it is a special moment when we meet a company and the people in it: an intense period, full of meaning and solution-oriented… because we are convinced that there is no such thing as chance, only encounters that are meant to be.


Matthieu Collas



All our courses can be delivered in English, French, German, Swiss German, Italian, or Spanish.

All our services are available in Switzerland: Geneva, Zürich, Vaud, Neuchâtel, Fribourg and Valais.