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Analysing human performance and behaviour in a professional context

The framework

Several different frameworks may be used for assessing the skills level and potential of employees:

  • Recruitment: decision support
  • Individual development: assessing the potential for progress
  • Team development: assessing the skills of an entire team


1. Customer collaboration

All aspects of the evaluation are determined in close collaboration with the customer, namely:

  • Understanding the challenges and context
  • Understanding the frame of reference and identifying the skills to be assessed
  • Understanding the job description
  • Engineering tailored to the customer’s request

2. Tailor-made concept

Developing a multi-source concept based on the customer’s goals and requirements as well as on a competencies framework.
Multi-source methods:

  • Personality profile (tools: Nova Profile (DISC))
  • 360° Feedback (Nova 360°)
  • Structured interviews
  • Simulation exercise
  • Role play
  • Self-assessment
  • Peer-to-peer observation

3. Typical procedure for a one-day assessment

Each sequence is devoted to assessing one or more skills, with the simulation exercises all related to the context defined in advance by the customer:


  1. Personal profile – self-knowledge
  2. Strategic skills
  3. Leadership skills
  4. Operational skills
  5. Management skills
  6. Personal and interpersonal skills
  7. Additional exercises and questions
  8. First impressions and feedback

4. The report

The report is prepared by the consultant and includes a summary of all the observations made during the day, as well as the Nova Profile (personal profile).
It also includes a clear recommendation and opinion about the candidate.
The same document is given to the candidate, management and human resources.

5. Feedback

The written report is delivered in the form of a confidential letter. Oral feedback is given to the candidate at a joint meeting, as well as to his management and human resources.

6. Candidate statement

The candidate statement is an in-house document and may serve as the basis for implementing development measures.

7. Support for the final decision

One of our added values, in the context of recruitment, is our ability to provide the customer with a decision-making tool that takes the form of a table comparing candidates (SWOT).


  • Customised concepts bases on the needs expressed by the customer
  • The seniority of our practitioners: more than fifteen years of professional experience in management positions
  • Extensive knowledge in multiple businesses and professional environments (the hotel industry, telecommunications, health, management, project management, IT, etc.)
  • Assessments in several languages: French, English and German
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