TRAINING WORDPRESS Geneva, Zürich and Vaud

Our training on WordPress CMS

Anyone wanting to build a web site using WordPress.


1 Creating a website

  • Registering a domain name.
  • Finding a host for your site.
  • Defining the sites tree structure.
  • Organising content.
  • Structuring the navigation.

2 Designing pages

  • Learning the basics of HTML.
  • Offering quality content.
  • Creating the pages for your site.

3 Installing and using WordPress

  • Software download
  • Running the installation.
  • Using the dashboard.
  • Setting general options.
  • Setting and configuring media.
  • Adding and managing extensions.
  • Choosing the theme for the site: graphic design, typography and colours.

4 Enhancing content

  • Creating articles and pages.
  • Choosing the name and a slogan.
  • Setting the categories.
  • Adding key words.

5 Preparing and incorporating images

  • Image formats (PNG, GIF, JPEG).
  • Collecting and editing images.
  • Relationship between dimensions / size and loading speed.

6 Inserting hyperlinks

  • Hyperlinks between the pages of your site.
  • Hyperlinks to other sites.
  • Hyperlinks to email.
  • Hyperlinks to PDFs, audio or video.

7 Completing and enhancing the website

  • Managing themes.
  • Improving site usability.
  • Managing user accounts.
  • Advanced setup for themes.
  • On line testing

Course requirements

Participants should feel comfortable using a computer, and be proficient on the internet and with website features.

Practical exercises

This WordPress course, which is based on realistic simulation exercises and a comparison of different practices, will equip participants with techniques that can be used directly.

Course diploma / certificate

A certificate is obtained at the conclusion of the WordPress course.

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