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The review: a skills and orientation management tool

The skills review helps employees to undertake a broad analysis of their current skills and motivations; it also gives a clearer idea about their development opportunities and direction in the company. It is an individual and joint process that focuses on identifying options for growth.

The review may have multiple goals:

  • To situate the employee in the context of his or her career
  • To consider the next steps in the employee’s career
  • To identify strong skills and pinpoint obstacles to development
  • To develop a plan for progressing to new responsibilities
  • To redefine the scope of a position
  • To help employees rediscover their motivation
  • To improve performance
  • To consider a change in direction
  • To design a customised and sustainable training and support plan

Expected outcomes of the skills review:

  • A precise “inventory” in terms of skills, potential and motivation
  • An employee able to compare his image about himself to an “objective” reality
  • An employee able to embark on a process of professional development
  • A personal and realistic plan of action (goals, solution methods, training and development plans, etc.)
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