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The goals of this course on acquiring and retaining customers (Geneva) are:

  • To become proficient in prospecting techniques and tools
  • To become organised and to obtain targeted appointments with prospective customers
  • To conduct your first meeting effectively and develop your sales
  • To implement a customer loyalty strategy
  • To implement a customer loyalty dashboard


Vendors, commercial and technical sales representatives, business managers and sales engineers.

Course requirements

No special knowledge required.

Practical exercises

This course, which is based on realistic simulation exercises and a comparison of different practices, will equip participants with techniques that can be employed directly in the field.


Training programme for acquiring and retaining customers (Geneva)

Preparing for prospecting

Defining goals, targets and markets as part of the company’s commercial strategy
Looking for potential clients:

  • File search
  • Analysis, segmentation and tests

Preparing your arguments.

Understanding prospecting strategies and tools

  • Approaching prospective customers: mailing, telephone, direct prospecting, the internet
  • Bringing in prospective customers: trade shows, meetings with prospects, VIPs
  • Inviting yourself to visit the prospect: recommendations, free trials

Mastering telephone prospecting

  • Discovering the keys to telephone calling
  • Making an appointment: techniques and methods
  • Signposting the stages of the meeting
  • Creating a tagline
  • Finding a way past gate-keeper secretaries
  • Responding to objections about:
    • prices
    • availability
    • quality
  • Learning how to conclude positively

Mastering physical prospecting

  • Conducting an initial meeting
  • Identifying the principles of communication
  • Discovering the Know, Communicate, Convince, Conclude technique
  • Discovering the key stages of an interview
  • Developing a climate of trust
  • Being at ease to put others at ease
  • Discovering the first few words that sell

Rigorous follow-up

  • Developing a list of potential clients
  • Following up by phone to make a sale or take another appointment
  • Monitoring prospective customers on a regular basis
  • Qualifying the information gathered on an on-going basis

Seeing the challenges of customer loyalty

  • The role of relationship marketing in the face of competition
  • Developing customer sense within a company

Drawing up a customer loyalty strategy

  • Identifying target customers according to their importance, growth potential or profitability
  • Analysing the motivations of each customer segment
  • Optimising the operations of sensitive departments and motivating them to follow the customer mind-set:
    • sales, telephone reception
    • ordering, delivery, billing, claims and customer service

Preparing a customer loyalty operation

  • Identifying loyal customers:
    • Defining criteria
    • Making choices
    • Consolidating reliable listings
    • Learning how to work in conjunction with the marketing department
  • Analysing the customer relationship with other departments (sales admin., technical)
  • Analysing customer defections
  • Analysing the competition’s customer loyalty initiatives

Constructing the customer loyalty action plan

  • Preferred customers:
    • Club, loyalty cards, referrals and trade shows
  • Working on the quality of guarantees and customer service responsiveness
  • Promotional activities:
    • Rates
    • Product
    • Privileged information
  • Implementing direct marketing initiatives
  • Learning how to analyse the profitability of the above measures
  • Learning how to draw up a quantitative and qualitative report on customer loyalty


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