TRAINING LEADERSHIP Geneva, Zürich and Vaud

The goals of this course on leadership skills (Geneva, Zürich and Vaud) are:

To improve the way you communicate, delegate, motivate and share your values; to enhance your self-knowledge in order to develop your potential as a leader and to improve your own and your teams’ performance.


Executives, managers, team leaders and directors keen to develop their leadership potential.

Course requirements

No special knowledge required.

Practical exercises

This course, which is based on realistic simulation exercises and a comparison of different practices, will equip participants with techniques that can be employed directly in the field.


Training programme for leadership skills (Geneva, Zürich and Vaud)

Being a leader

  1. Key ideas leadership concepts
  2. Leadership and managerial authority
  3. Leadership positions: Alpha and Zeta leaders
  4. Knowing and understanding your decision-making processes
  5. Understanding and developing your leadership potential

Conveying a vision

  1. Taking the interplay of actors (alliances and oppositions) into account
  2. The leader’s impact on people
  3. Leadership put to the test
  4. Learning how to adapt your strategy and re-engage your team

Teaching method

The teaching method is based on raising awareness: a self-diagnosis is carried out at the beginning of the course, which creates a strong and motivating sense of awareness. The self-diagnosis includes a section on “knowing” and a section on “know-how”.

Each managerial competence is objectified as part of the self-assessment, which makes it possible to reliably measure changes in reactions before, during and at the end of the process.

The teaching also emphasises practical experimentation: we focus on training. Indeed, the gap between “knowing” and “doing” something is often difficult to close. As a result, we choose the most appropriate teaching methods depending on the topics covered, including: case studies, workshops (private or public), role playing, simulation exercises, and sometimes the use of video.

Our added value

Two days are devoted to thinking about your impact on others and updating and developing your leadership style.


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