TRAINING ADVANCED WORD Geneva, Zürich and Vaud

The goals of this advanced Word course (Geneva, Zürich and Vaud):

This course on advanced Word will teach you how to automate the key tasks of creating and modifying text with Word. It will also enable you to be self-sufficient in DTP so that you can polish the way you present documents and incorporate data from other Office software.

Open to everyone.

Course requirements
Basic training in Word.

Practical exercises
This course on advanced Word, which is based on realistic simulation exercises and a comparison of different practices, will equip participants with techniques that can be used directly.

Programme for the advanced Word course

  • Working with text
  • Correcting, moving, selecting
  • The copy and paste principle
  • The spelling and grammar checker
  • The thesaurus
  • Entering and formatting characters and paragraphs
  • Entering, deleting, moving and copying text and tags
  • Fonts and attributes
  • The highlighter
  • Alignment, indentation, line spacing, spacing
  • Borders and frames
  • Bulleted lists and numbered lists
  • Copying format
  • Layout
  • Margins, orientation
  • Headers and footers
  • Numbering and page breaks
  • Section breaks
  • Tabs
  • The different types of tabs
  • Adding one or more tabs
  • Restoring original tabs
  • Adding dot leaders
  • Tables
  • Creating and structuring a table
  • Width, height and positioning on the page
  • Aligning numbers and text
  • Adding frames to cells
  • Drawing a table
  • Managing text in a table
  • Images
  • Inserting images
  • Wrapping text with images
  • Direct mail
  • Creating a data file
  • Creating a master document
  • Using merge fields
  • Labels
  • Templates

Course diploma / certificate

A certificate is obtained at the conclusion of the Advanced Word course.

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