Our course on large documents in Microsoft Word

Open to everyone.


1 Getting started: creating a document

  • Analysing information so that you can handle it properly.
  • Identifying objectives.
  • Identifying the characteristics of the document to be produced.
  • Deciding on the key messages to be conveyed.
  • Preparing the plan.

2 Learning the rules about layout and typography

  • Measuring the impact of the layout on reading ability.
  • Identifying the features that facilitate quick reading.
  • Setting effective document margins.
  • Applying typographic rules.
  • Balancing presentation of the text and the space between words and lines.
  • Positioning illustrations (diagrams, graphs, forms, photos and images).

3 Mastering structured documents in Word 2007/2010

  • Working with styles and the navigation pane.
  • Formatting and automatically numbering headings.
  • Adding a cover page.
  • Generating and customising a table of contents.
  • Setting the headers and footers.
  • Managing page breaks: keeping paragraphs and lines together, widowed and orphan lines, etc.
  • Making the document easier to read on screen.

4 Mastering useful Word automatisms for elaborate documents

  • Mastering the concept of sections and managing section breaks.
  • Combining layouts in a single document: portrait or landscape.
  • Creating a two-sided document: managing odd and even pages.
  • Inserting bookmarks and cross-references.
  • Inserting footnotes or endnotes.
  • Creating a key-word index.
  • Using fields to display variable information: displaying the current chapter name in the header or footer, the name of the author, etc.

5 Using time-saving tools

  • Using a template for each type of document.
  • Creating style sets and assigning keyboard shortcuts.
  • Saving Quick Parts content blocks for re-use in any document

Course requirements

Routine use of basic Word.

Practical exercises

This course on managing large documents in Word, which is based on realistic simulation exercises and a comparison of different practices, will equip participants with techniques that can be used directly.

Course diploma / certificate

A certificate is obtained at the conclusion of the course on large Documents in Word.

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