TRAINING DRUPAL Geneva, Zürich and Vaud

The goals of this Drupal course (Geneva, Zürich and Vaud) are:

To teach you how to install and configure Drupal: the WYSIWYG editor, multilingual and multisite modes.

Create your own kind of content with the CCK module and listings with the Views module; manage your site on a daily basis, including its security and performance; learn how to use the modules that are essential for creating and managing a Drupal site.

This Drupal course will enable you to:

  • Learn how to install, configure and administer a Drupal site
  • Have an overview of the possibilities of Drupal: its strengths, weaknesses and implementation deadlines
  • Customise the graphics of your site without having to touch the code
  • Have the ability to install, configure and use essential modules


This Drupal course is designed for webmasters and website managers.


Presentation of Drupal
Drupal: strengths and weaknesses
Drupal jargon
Drupal development tools
Local Drupal installation
Installing Drupal multi-sites
Finding resources (web, IRC, etc.)
Installing a multilingual site
Creating content with Drupal
About Drupal templates
The main template files
Creating content as nodes
Formatting content with an editor
Advanced formatting for content
Inserting images and videos
Creating content in blocks
Organising content
Sorting site content with taxonomies
Creating a menu using taxonomies
Using views for navigation
Creating home pages
Drupal site administration
Controlling access to content
Managing spam
Moderating comments
Managing users and user rights
Automation of routine tasks
Managing publication workflow
Saving a Drupal site
Customising the display
Setting the theme using the admin interface
Easy customisation with CSS
Modules for customising graphics
Installing the CCK and Views modules

Course requirements

Knowledge of HTML and CSS.
Knowledge of PHP.

Practical exercises

This Drupal course, which is based on realistic simulation exercises and a comparison of different practices, will equip participants with techniques that can be used directly.

Course diploma / certificate

A certificate is obtained at the conclusion of the Drupal course.

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