In today’s world, to be an effective and inspirational leader you need to understand the importance of Emotional Intelligence. Apart from a high degree of I.Q. (Intelligence Quotient), managers need to understand how their emotions impact on their performance, and how they need to manage and understand the emotions of others, to get maximum performance levels from their staff.


  • To understand the elements of Emotional Intelligence
  • To increase your understanding of different aspects of human behaviour
  • To understand your own emotions and how to manage your emotional reactions to achieve the desired results
  • To learn how to increase your ability to become more self-motivated
  • To be aware of how to demonstrate empathy in most situations
  • To be able to communicate and motivate others, based on understanding their emotions
  • To gain awareness of how to empower others and inspire high performance in the workplace
  • To learn to deal with daily work and personal pressures more productively
  • To be able to build strong, open, and honest relationships



  • Greater control of your emotions, and therefore your communication style
  • Greater understanding of others’ feelings, and the ability to lead them with success
  • Improved relationships in your personal and professional life, through higher Emotional Intelligence
  • Lower levels of stress as a result of greater understanding of your emotions and those of others
  • Increased self-motivation and a goal-oriented mindset
  • Ways to develop and apply Emotional Intelligence in your workplace



Day One

What Is Emotional Intelligence (EI)?

Understanding Yourself & Emotional Intelligence
> Your Feelings & Emotions
> Emotions Diary

Why Do We Need Emotional Intelligence?
> Emotional Intelligence In The Workplace
> Emotional Intelligence & Career Success
> The Benefits Of Emotional Intelligence

Dimensions Of Emotional Intelligence
> Self-Awareness
> Self-Management
> Self-Motivation & Effective Stress Management

Day Two

Dimensions Of Emotional Intelligence (continued)
> Social Awareness (Empathy)
> Relationship Management

Emotional Intelligence – Self Evaluation (Questionnaire)

Emotional Intelligence & Leadership
> ‘Who Am I As A Manager?’ (Internal & External Dimensions)
> Goal Setting – Planning & Achieving Personal Ambitions

Emotional Competence Framework & Best Practice Within The Workplace

Future Learning: Developing Your Emotional Intelligence

Your Contract For ‘Personal Change’

Putting The Learning Into Practice


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