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Any company employee from French-speaking Switzerlandhas an opinion about theirjob or company, but this opinion is not always heard. If your employees do not feel valued, if they feel underestimated or ignored, they will look for other opportunitieselsewhere. Collect information from your employees and listen to theiropinions when you conduct a surveyon their satisfaction. From the meals that you serve in the cafeteriato the benefits that you offer, not forgetting your leadership, the results from an employee questionnaire are able to provide you with the necessary data in order to prevent employees from leaving the company and create a rewarding and productive working environment. Swissnovais proposing numerous staff-oriented surveys to help you obtain the necessary informationin order toattract the best employees and retain them for several years.

By conducting a survey on the working environment, you will be able to make the bestdecisionsfor your company. Here are someexamples that will allow you to initiate dialogue with your team.

  • Survey on workers’ morale. Discover whatstate of mindreigns in your workplace and learn more about thejob satisfaction levelof your employeeswith a questionnaire targeting the overall mood of your staff. By better understanding the opinions of your employees, you will bein a much better position to make changes, which will make thedifferencebetween a positive workingenvironment and a less positiveenvironment.
  • Survey on organisation and leadership. You probably have a system in place so that your managers are able to assess their teams. But do you have a system so that your employees can assess their managers?So that your staff membersfeel appreciated, encourage them to share their opinions about leadership performance.
  • Exit interview survey. It is a fact: some employees will leave you one day. Discover why youremployees are deciding to leave, and how to retain high-quality employeesby asking these employees to complete an exit interview survey.

STAGE 1 => Framework of the approach

  • Identification of the survey’s challenges and objectives
  • From the definition to the facilitation of communication surrounding the project

STAGE 2 => Construction of the methodological approach

  • Drafting of the questionnaire (Thetopics discussed may be: The vision of the future • Management • The quality of relationships • Working conditions • Job content • Professional development • Internal communication • Remuneration policy • Well-being at work • Autonomyand accountability), climate survey, workplace ethics
  • Definition of those to be questioned: cross-section(representative sample) or completeness
  • Validation of the questionnaire and testing on a representative panel before launch

STAGE 3 => Implementation of the approach

  • Administration of the questionnaires
  • The entry and processing of the survey’s data
  • Data analysis

STAGE 4 => Presentation and action plan

  • Presentation of the survey’s results to the management and employees
  • The definition of improvement plans and monitoring indicators (communication onthe strategy, updating of the definitions of functions, enrichment of job content, continuous improvement of HR processes, training of managers….)
  • The implementation of action plans andany corrective action




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