COACHING Geneva, Zürich and Vaud


Our coaching sessions are delivered by qualified and experienced coaches.


The sessions cater for all types of organisation, from SMEs to the largest multi-nationals, in various sectors including commerce, health, industry, services, banking and the agri-business. They support individual change: career transition, moving jobs, acquiring and identifying new skills, change management, pinpointing obstacles, etc.

Our recognised expertise helps to raise profound questions, which generates momentum, change and progression in the coachee.

Our code of ethics binds us to coach-coachee confidentiality.

Owing to the wide range of issues and profiles that we encounter, Swissnova advocates a highly flexible approach with an hourly rate rather than a fixed rate.


Coaching support


For the process to have every chance of succeeding, coachees must attend of their own volition.
This means that the coachee’s manager, the company hierarchy and possibly human resources (recommended) meet in order to approve the coachee’s participation.

We suggest the following steps and criteria for starting the actual coaching:

  1. The coaching goals are jointly agreed between the employee, management, the coach and possibly human resources (recommended) at the pre-session.
  2. The content of the meetings between Swissnova and the coachee (the subject matter) will remain between the employee and the coach. It will be up to the employee to feed back the material they consider relevant to management.
  3. The sessions will take place in the offices of the company or in any location that provides the peace and quiet necessary for the work.
  4. Sequence of sessions:
    We recommend 6 sessions of coaching lasting 2 hours and at intervals of two to three weeks. The goals and means for achieving them and other details for the success of the coaching will be addressed during the first session. (If the employee decides to extend the coaching, it must be validated by the line managers and human resources together with a new contract with our company).




All our courses can be delivered in English, French, German, Swiss German, Italian, or Spanish.

All our services are available in Switzerland: Geneva, Zürich, Vaud, Neuchâtel, Fribourg and Valais.