360° FEEDBACK Geneva and Vaud

360° Feedback is a tool designed to support the development of skills of managers and employees in-house.

Swissnova’s 360° questionnaire is based on the Lominger competencies framework.

This type of “periscope tool” enables the assessed individual to:

  • Self-assess his relevant skills
  • Compare the perception that the assessee has of his behaviour at work with the perception that his day-to-day colleagues have of him
  • Improve understanding of the impact that his behaviour at work has on others
  • It enables the assessee’s professional circle to:
    • Give, with confidentiality, a concrete and objective feedback on all the skills observed in the work environment.

100% confidential

Only the Swissnova consultants have access to individual replies, thus ensuring complete confidentiality for anyone who answers the questionnaire.

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